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Memories have been made, times have been had, relationships built. The banks can't take those away from you. They can however take where it all happened away from you... Your HOME. But, we can help. Do not let the last memory made be a nightmare. Give us a call. NOW! .

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***CO Home Help LLC is NOT a mortgage modification or loss Mitigation nor Foreclosure Defense Company. We are a private INVESTMENT Company***

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? Most Common Questions Asked  ?

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Forbearance is not the same for everyone. Call now to learn what it means for you!!

What Does Forbearance mean?

Depending on what kind of Loan you have. HUD (Government protected and insured loan) Fannie May and Freddie Mac Loan or another investor private loan (usually not insured nor protected) Forbearance means different things for each. Each has its own circumstances and there are different rules regarding forbearance. We can help identify, with your loan documents  to assess what conditions your loan falls under. If the Loan is insured and protected, then usually this means the new package proposed by President Biden may mean your mortgage and foreclosure auction date has been pushed back to March 31st. Though depending on the lender some will add interest to missed payments and others will not. There is no free money nor free time. No matter what Loan type you have, the mortgage payments supposed to be paid for each month still is owed and is added up, thus increasing the amount you are in foreclosure for and depleting the amount of money you can get if we are the right solution for you. No matter what, all will still increase the amount you are in foreclosure for. Best answer here is to call us for a free consultation, so we can assist in investigating these factors and see what it means for you based on the type of loan you have and the lender and processing company who holds it. THE SOONER YOU CALL THE MORE WE CAN HELP YOU. THERE IS A POINT IN WHICH WE WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO ASSIST

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What are possible problems, if I take the time they may give me by extending my auction date?

This is a relevant and wise question. There is no simplest answer and the problems can vary. However, do not be mistaken, problems do await. IF one chooses to wait until the last second (March 31st) then the amount one is in foreclosure for will undoubtedly increase.  If the amount of the loan is increased above and beyond the equity in the home, then not only will the auction of your home still happen (leaving you homeless and penniless) you might then still OWE the government and or lender. Meaning not only do you lose everything, but you will STILL OWE. Which is worse then just a foreclosure. You didn’t think it could get worse than losing everything right?!! Well… It can! Other issues often include losing the opportunity to get help,  or being bailed out of your situation by us.  Your credit will reflect the neglected payments and then  funds might still be owed after the auction of your home. The problems that can happen due to waiting are ugly and very real!! Leaving the homeowner with more than just trauma but also in an unbelievably bad situation, that could take years to remedy.


Time is up Lets Act now!!

Why is it WISE
to act now instead of waiting? Why not stay in my home as long as they let me?

These are the same question. Why should I do anything now instead of waiting? This is an easy question to answer. The SOONER YOU CALL US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION and if we are the best solution for you, then the MORE $ we can get back to you! If you act now you’ll get more money back (and we are not talking about hundreds, but THOUSANDS of $Dollars$ we can get back to you) The sooner you consult with us the sooner you can get your life back on track to what your life like, “Pre-Foreclosure”! While those who wait could lose everything, not get a dime back, lose their home, have a foreclosure on your record and even  still  OWE the lender and government money back. Those who we work with will be in control of their life. With us we get our customers life back, their privacy back and MONEY back.  Our Customers end In the best position possible to get back on track to pre-foreclosure life. Leading a life of progression and positive light rather than playing catch up and being broke. Again, THE SOONER a homeowner calls us the MORE we can get them. Do not wait another day! Do not wait another hour! Don’t even wait another minute!  In other words, do not wait, take control of your life and situation NOW! Call us NOW for a free consultation!

Universe created you,  banks created numbers.                        We believe in YOU

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*The questions are from customers.*

**All information expressed on this website are opinions from our experience and research. Not legal advice nor financial advice.**

***CO Home Help LLC a private investment company.***

Lock down your privacy

***CO Home Help LLC is NOT a mortgage modification or loss Mitigation nor Foreclosure Defense Company. We are a private INVESTMENT Company***


We are the sign in the road that shows you that this is not a dead end street but rather just a detour to your plans, to your life, and to your future. We know you are hard working, that you are praying for a way out and that your privacy matters. The thing is.. YOU'RE RIGHT! on all of it. We want to show you that you're not just a number and that whatever unforeseen tragedy happened that put you here is not the nail in the coffin so to speak on your situation. Not now nor for the next decade (which is what a foreclosure will do to you). We have a proven formula. By investing in people and working WITH them to develop a way out. You deserve to get your life back on track and by sticking to our morals, our ethics, our formula and by keeping your privacy private we can help families throughout Colorado. We are natives and our community matters. It is more than a roof over your head. It is a location where dreams are made and come true, moments are captured to be remembered forever, trials and tribulations are gone through and this home of yours is a safe place and base camp. You deserve to have that back as soon as possible. AND THAT IS WHO WE ARE. Your neighbor, your fellow Coloradan and your friend as we develop a relationship through this process. 



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I thought the Loan Modification was going to work. Only to have it turned down 5 days before the auction date of MY HOME. If it wasn't for you, I would have lost everything. The banks didn't tell me only 23% of those who try for a "Loan Mod" actually get it. You guys saved me from losing it all. 

- Littleton, CO

I prayed for a solution. 10 minutes later you were at my door.

- Aurora CO

I WISH I would have known about your Company last year. My daughter wouldn't have lost everything. Thank you for being here for me.

                    -Ft. Collins, CO

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***CO Home Help LLC is NOT a mortgage modification or loss Mitigation nor Foreclosure Defense Company. We are a private INVESTMENT Company***




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